The Fell Pony Breeder's Association was established in 1995 and represents the views of the Fell Pony breeders whose herds run out on the Fells of Northern England and across the world.

The Fell Pony has always played an important part in Northern England’s history in agriculture, mining and as a “war horse”. Thankfully today these are not the reasons why this pony is so popular.

The Fell Pony has evolved as being the ultimate family pony with a maximum height of 14.hh, stocky and strong enough to carry an adult whilst having the kind temperament needed for the younger family members. The versatility of this pony knows no bounds as it excels at riding, driving, jumping, hunting and even eventing and dressage. 

There is truly no job that the Fell Pony cannot do so we need to keep it “true to type” by sticking to the Breed Standard and ensuring we do our best to breed and recognise Fell ponies of correct conformation.